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The Pretentious Contest

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I am:

In Love.

Hopelessly and irrationally romantic.

Straight Edge.

The singer for Ever Onward.

Ever Onward - http://www.myspace.com/everonwardtx
7 angels 7 plagues, a life once lost, a tribe called quest, acme, activism, age of ruin, air america, al stewart, all that remains, bagpipes, bold, boy sets fire, brand new, breath of fire, burn these thoughts, burnt by the sun, cannibal ox, casey jones, cast aside, cdc, champion, cipher, circle pits, common, corpus christi, cursive, dallas cowboys, darkest hour, democratic socialism, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dropkick murphys, drug free, drugxtest, ej, elton john, embrace today, emery, emo, equality 7-2521, evergreen terrace, everytime i die, far from jane, flickerstick, floorpunch, football, forever is forgotten, from autumn to ashes, glen campbell, good riddance, hardcore, himsa, iron maiden, jim croce, kanye west, kickball, left wing, liberal, love is red, marcy playground, mewithoutyou, midnight rodeo, misery signals, mitch hedberg, modern humanism, mos def, most precious blood, new york knicks, nobuo uematsu, nofx, nudity, pennywise, philosophy, propagandhi, rationalism, realism, requiem for a dream, scarlet, secret of mana, seinfeld, sex positions, shai hulud, shockwave, silverstein, socialism, star ocean, star wars, straight edge, stretch armstong, strife, strike anywhere, stringer, suicide note, sxe, talib kweli, terror, the acacia strain, the agony scene, the assistant, the beautiful mistake, the big lebowski, the bronx, the contender, the fugees, the golden age, the promise, the red chord, thin lizzy, trial, tribe called quest, tripxwire, twista, where eagles dare, with all sincerity, with honor, x361x, yeah yeah yeahs